Tips and Tricks

Food Presentation Tips

  • Serve mashed vegetables with a large scoop, or spoon them into a ramekin and invert onto plates.
  • Cut meat into large pieces or slices, and stack them in an attractive arrangement instead of serving one large portion on a plate.
  • Use color on your plate. If you are having beef and cauliflower, for example, add a little bit of another colorful vegetable, like carrots or ripe, red tomato slices.
  • Garnish your dish with a piece of the fresh herb that was used in your recipe, such as rosemary or thyme.
  • Use the appropriate size dish for what you are serving. A small portion on a large plate makes you think you're missing out on some of your meal. The same portion on a smaller plate will trick you into thinking you have had enough. (Maybe)
  • Serve desserts in a wine glass. Paleo desserts use the full range of colorful fruits, perfect for presenting in glass. (I'll be putting some other recipes online for you to try this way, such as coconut ice cream and custards.)    
This might work….
  • Pour a can of full – fat coconut milk into a container and store in the refrigerator. (It will keep for at least a week.) Use it to top off a bowl of fruit. It will add a little flavor and sweetness, along with a little fat.  
  • Toast some unsweetened flaked coconut. Then toast some nuts. (Just put in a pan on medium on the stove and make sure you stir them until lightly browned. Watch carefully, they burn quickly.) Cool and mix together. Store in a Ziploc or container. Use the mix to sprinkle on fruit, fish, etc., or mix with dried fruit for a snack.
  • Prepare double servings of meat. Have one serving for dinner, and save the rest for your next breakfast or lunch. (Chicken for breakfast is actually good!)