Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steak and Veggie Rolls

Pound. Chop. Sear. Done.

These hearty steak rollups are so easy to make. Share a platter with your friends!

1 pound thinly sliced steak, trimmed of fat
1 piece of fresh ginger
2 carrots
6 jalapeno chiles, seeded and cleaned
2 yellow or red bell peppers, seeded and cleaned
1 can hearts of palm, drained
Olive oil

Place the steak between two pieces of plastic wrap. Pound with a heavy object (rolling pin, mallet, etc.) until the steak is about ¼” thick. Remove the steak and trim into a rectangle. Reserve the scraps for frying up for another meal. (I used small pre-sliced steaks, so I skipped this step.)

Cut the ginger, carrots, jalapenos, peppers, and hearts of palm into thin matchstick-sized pieces. Cut the steak into strips: wide enough to place your vegetables end-to-end in the middle of the steak and long enough to have several inches on each side of the vegetable stack. Roll up the steak and secure with a toothpick.

Heat several tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet. Sear the steak rolls on all sides, then turn the heat down to medium and continue to cook until meat is cooked to your desired temperature.

Let the rolls cool for several minutes. Slice into pieces. These make great appetizers: serve with an Asian flavored dipping sauce.

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