Thursday, September 8, 2011

Calorie Burn

It's the end of summer and time to get serious again about nutrition and exercise. Hopefully, you have all enjoyed the countless barbeques and family vacations. I have been busy, too, and I apologize for not posting during this last week. Thank you for checking in and browsing through my previous recipes. I am updating my blog shortly to make it easier to navigate.

Here's the plan:
I am going to be adding a recipe index by next week. This will help you find recipes through categories such as "chicken" or "pancakes". The blog search engine is now at the top right of the main page. You can use this to search the site as well.

I need your recipes! Get creative and send me a photo and recipe of your paleo-inspired dish. I will post it on the blog during the week that I receive it. Add any additional tips or variations of the recipe that you think might be interesting. Send to:

I am now CrossFit Kids certified and will be posting recipes for kids along with my usual paleo recipes. It is so important that we start our children out on a good nutrition program. These recipes will not be strictly paleo, but will lean toward whole fresh foods as much as possible. I will be including nutrition information along with the recipes.

Eat, train, live!

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