Friday, September 23, 2011

Strawberry Banana Bites

There’s nothing wrong with a little taste of chocolate now and then, especially dark chocolate. Properly processed dark chocolate supposedly has more antioxidants than any other food. If you feel like a splurge coming on, reach for a square and indulge. It will curb your sweets craving and save you from a caloric overload.

Another healthy option is to drizzle a little melted chocolate over fruit. You feel like you’re eating something decadent, but you are really just satisfying your taste buds with very few calories or glycemic load.

Try these banana bites. Just stack, serve, and enjoy! Your kids will love these, too.

Bananas, cut into 1" rounds
Almond Butter
Strawberries, sliced
Dark chocolate (60% or above)
Coconut oil
Sliced almonds

Melt a square or two of chocolate with a bit of coconut oil in the microwave. The chocolate should drip off the spoon. If not, add a little more oil.

Place a round of banana on a plate. Spread with a little almond butter. Top with a slice of strawberry. Drizzle with chocolate. Top with a few almond slivers.

Remember: portion control! A few is good, a dozen is too many!

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