Saturday, March 19, 2011

Little Ninja's Tuna Cup
(Makes 1 serving)

(1) 5 oz. can of lower sodium tuna
¼  cup raw organic mixed nuts
1 tablepoon. raw organic sunflower seeds
Wisconsin Raw Milk Cheese (graded or sliced; optional)
¼  cup blueberries
½  diced pear or apple
¼  avocado
Extra virgin olive oil (use according to your prescribed fat intake and make sure to pour directly onto the tuna)
Sea salt (a very small amount may be added for flavor if necessary) 

This is a great meal that was recommended by Rudy, a member of CrossFit Beaufort. I made it for our lunch today with the apples and no cheese, and put it on top of salad greens with a cider vinegar and olive oil dressing. If you are adding the avocado, squeeze a little lemon or lime on it so that it doesn’t turn brown.

Double or triple the recipe and divide into containers for other quick meals during the week.

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